Where, Oh Where, Art Thou Coupon?

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I’m very excited about today’s post! It was written by Whitney Sparks, a financial coach recently featured on the Dave Ramsey show. Every year she literally saves THOUSANDS of dollars by her smart use of coupons. Since I’m not an expert at couponing, I asked her if I could share her message with you. I hope you enjoy! (You can find Whitney’s blog at www.whitneysparks.net)

Where, Oh Where, Art Thou Coupon

Where do I go to find coupons? I have been asked this question more times than I can count so I thought this would be a great way to start off my blog about coupons – by answering this question. Be on the look-out for more blogs about using coupons to prepare you for my upcoming coupon seminar.

Newspaper Inserts

This is where I started first when looking for coupons. There are some times when I buy (2) papers each Sunday and there have been times when I didn’t buy any papers (coupons only show up in Sunday papers). It all depends on how hectic my life is during that particular period. I usually recommend that people buy a local paper and then a paper that comes from a larger city. For example, I usually buy a paper that is local to Bryan/College Station and then I buy the Houston newspaper. The reason for this is because I follow coupon blogs. The coupons listed on these blogs are usually found in the larger city newspapers. Inside of your paper you should find all the shopping inserts.

If you keep searching then you should see something that says “Red Plum”, “Smart Source” or “P&G”. Inside of the inserts are your coupons. I have seen some people cut each coupon out and others will just write the date really big at the top to help them find a coupon more quickly when reading a blog. I can tell you from experience that if you buy more than (2) newspapers then you are going to start feeling very overwhelmed. In the past, I have bought (6) papers and then had to go home and spend all day cutting out coupons. I was very dissatisfied and felt tired every Sunday afternoon. My word of advice is that if you need more coupons then order them online.

Online Coupons

If you are looking to add to your coupon collection then you can just print or order them online. Some sites that I have used often and trust are www.coupons.com, www.smartsource.com, and www.redplum.com. You can get on these sites and print off the coupons that are usually found in the paper. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, then type in a different zip code. Sometimes this helps you to find some really cool coupons. Just beware of using sites that you do not know. I was able to crash our computer due to coupon websites. I think I had contracted two viruses and the whole thing went down.

Also, most sites will lead you right back to www.coupons.com so you may as well start there. I had to learn the hard way not to just click on every link. Something else I want to add is that just because you trust the website does not mean you can trust the links to the coupons. There are a lot of really great blogs out there, but sometimes they are just copying and pasting these links without really taking the time to look at each one. So, just be careful. Plus if you crash your computer then you can’t read my posts anymore!

Ordering Coupons

Since I have a family of four and a full-time job I am finding it harder and harder to keep up with coupons. So, what I have done instead is order my coupons online. This is where I am able to get a lot of freebies. I will come back to this topic more in the next few days, but here is what I do. I buy a paper to see what coupons are listed. If I know that a particular coupon will result in freebies or it’s a high-value coupon then I will go to www.mycouponhunter.com and search for that particular coupon. (This is the only site that I use, but there are others out there as well.) I can then order in groups of five and get the coupons that I want. Sometimes I’m really disappointed when I go to buy a paper and spend $3.00 only to find out that I can’t use any of those coupons.

This is a guarantee way to know what I’m getting. Several months ago there was a VERY high value coupon for a certain brand of make-up. The coupon was $8.00 off when you buy (2) products. To find this coupon, I went to www.ebay.com. I actually just bought the complete inserts since there were several good coupons. I think I spent about $8.00 for (5) inserts but I saved $40.00 on just the make-up alone. Plus to this day I still have FREE base, eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick upstairs in my stockpile. That was way too good to pass up!

From Wesley

Whitney has a couponing class which she is going to start soon. If you’re interested, click here. You can do it in person if you’re in the College Station area in Texas, or you can do it via Skype. She is charging a ridiculously low-cost for this, which you will easily recoup on your next trip to the grocery store after taking her class. I’m not benefitting in any way from this, other than feeling good about spreading a message that you need to hear if you’re on the journey of becoming debt free.

Committed to your success,


P.S. Please leave us a comment – how have you benefitted from using coupons? Any tips you’d like to share?


3 Responses to “Where, Oh Where, Art Thou Coupon?”

  1. Cassi Says:

    I never have used coupons, but I love watching “Extreme Couponers.” It is really cool to see people exit stores with hundreds of dollars of items, and not pay over $100.

    Also, I love arguing about how “coupon” is pronounced.



  2. Wesley Says:

    Beth & I Have watched that show before….it’s crazy to see the extremes people go to right? The biggest challenge we have found with couponing is finding good deals on healthy choices. Most of the coupons are for non-organic, processed items. So if anyone out there has any suggestions let us know!

    For the record Cassi, it’s pronounced Q-pon. At least, when I’m president I’ll make sure and clarify this for everyone, :)



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