The Secret Source of Serious Satisfaction

“Now what?” This is one of the saddest phrases you can say. People spend their lives in search of a dream, only to see it fulfilled and say, “Now what?”

I felt that after we paid off our debt. Oh I’ll admit, it was an awesome feeling to push the “pay now” button for the last time on Beth’s $40,000 school loan (which was our lowest interest rate and hence the last thing we paid off…forget the debt snowball…tackle your highest interest rate first).

“Now what” happens so fast. It seemed like the excitement of paying off our debt faded so quickly, and in just a day or two we were on to the next goal. It’s like the mountain climber who, once he ascends the peak of a mountain realizes there are so many more mountains to climb. “Great…nice view…now what?”

I think of this every time I watch a championship game…the winners stand there so proud…a life dream accomplished for so many of them. But then comes Monday morning. Then comes next season. “We won the Superbowl…now what?” The fulfillment from reaching a goal fades so quickly, that you have to have a source of contentment in your life that is deeper than an accomplished goal.

In Psalm 73, the writer Asaph begins by confessing how he was envying the wealthy, for they had “no struggles” and were “free from common burdens.” But then he has a revelation and ends the chapter by saying “Whom have I in heaven but you? And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides you. God is…my portion forever (vs. 25-26).”

While debt may be difficult, envy is a killer (and maybe part of the reason you’re in debt…keeping up with the Jones’ is a fancy phrase for envy). The secret to true satisfaction in life is to understand and believe that God is your source. This can’t just be head knowledge…you have to anchor your emotions in the fact that God himself is enough. God + your debt = enough. God + your marriage = enough. God + your poverty = enough. God + nothing else = enough.

Beware of destination disease. Think you’ll be happy once you’re out of debt? You won’t be…not unless you’re already happy now. Financial freedom is nice, but honestly it doesn’t feel a whole lot different than being in debt (hate to bust your bubble). At the end of the day we have to go deeper and be able to say as Asaph did that there is nothing on this earth that will ultimately satisfy me outside of God himself. God is my portion. God is enough.

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