The Power of Purpose Driven Finances



Why do you want to be debt-free?

Why do you want to build wealth?

If you are unable to connect your financial pursuits to your purpose you will always feel empty. It’s just that simple. Pursuing money for the sake of money kills the soul. It is time wasted.

Do you want true success and true wealth? Attach a reason to your dollars. Give your work a purpose deeper than the work.

If I were to drive to your bank, pull out one of your hard-earned dollars, and ask it “why were you earned?” would it have an answer?

It will definitely have an answer, but will it be a worthy answer, one that excites you, one that is connected to your purpose? Can you look at your money and say “this is why I earned you” and be satisfied with the answer? In short, are your finances “purpose driven?”

“To pay my Visa minimum” is not a worthy answer.

Not every dollar earned has to be for some world-changing purpose, most at this stage in your journey will be merely for survival (“to pay the bills”), but if you’re only working for “more dollars,” all you will end up with is less.

Maybe not less money. Just less of the things you really desire.

Not sure how to make your money “purpose driven?” Make a list of 50 reasons why you are earning or desire to earn money. Most people will balk at that…but trust me, the first 20 will be all of the “non-purpose” reasons (pay the bills, save for retirement, buy new car, etc). By the time you get to #50 you’ll be pulling out the deep things in your heart. Connect your dollars or your desire for dollars to those things and you’ll begin to understand the power of purpose driven finances.

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  1. Pat Says:

    Wes, you are a talented writer . I’m so glad you are using your abilities to advance the kingdom!


    • Wes & Beth Says:

      Thanks Pat! Appreciate the feedback! :)


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