The Double Punch Principle: A Little-Known Secret to Reaching Your Goals

I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a doughboy. I’m working at it, but I can say from personal experience that losing weight is tough. But getting out of debt is tougher.

Both of these goals rank high on the most common New Year’s Resolutions list. However, studies show that only about 8% of the population that make resolutions ever achieve them. Why is that?

There’s a myriad of reasons, and a simple search on “goal setting” will provide most of the answers, but here’s a simple and powerful principle that you won’t find. I call it the Double Punch Principle. Here’s how it works:

 The Double Punch Principle

Step 1: Write down two of your top desires (goals are measurable, so “lose weight” and “get debt free” are just desires, not goals…yet).

Step 2: Find ONE measurable goal that will help you fulfill BOTH desires.

Example: Losing Weight and Saving Money

The best way to understand the Double Punch Principle is to see it in action. My wife and I are “hybrid” vegans. We eat very healthy at home, but when we go out to eat all bets are off (I recently had a full rack of ribs at 4 Rivers BBQ here in Orlando…yummy). So if my desires were to lose weight and save money, my Double Punch goal would be to eat out less, resulting in weight loss and saving money.

The challenge is that you HAVE to make goals measurable – you can’t master what you can’t measure (search “most common resolutions” and you’ll find that they are never measurable, which is why no one achieves them). So if we eat out three times a week, an easy goal would be to only eat out twice per week. I can cut out about 4000 calories and save over $100 a month just by doing this one thing. That is a “SMART” goal, but the power in a Double Punch goal is that it enables you to fulfill two (or more) independent desires with one goal.

Two desires…One goal. It’s so simple that people miss the power of this.

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Let’s dialogue: What are some desires you have that you can combine into one Double Punch Goal? We respond to 100% of our comments!


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