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9 Reasons Why Porn Will Ruin Your Marriage

I’ll admit it…this post is awkward. It’s also not kid-friendly, so just a heads up.

Let me start by defining the problem. The following collection of statistics was provided by Pure Life Ministries. Their sources are in parenthesis.

  • Pornography is a $57 billion dollar industry (Top Ten Reviews).
  • 50% of Christian men and 20% of Christian women are addicted (ChristiaNet Survey).
  • 68% of divorces involve one party meeting a new partner over the internet, with 56% of divorces involving one party having an obsessive interest in “pornographic websites” (American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers).
  • One out of three visitors to adult websites are women (Internet-Filter-Review.com).
  • Of those struggling with sexual addiction under the age of 35, 40% are women (National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families).
  • The largest and fastest growing group of consumers of internet pornography are 12-17 years old, with the average age of exposure being 11 years old (Internet-Filter-Review.com).

Alarming isn’t it?

1 Peter 5:8 says “Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around looking for someone to devour.” There are people out there who claim there’s “no proof” that pornography is harmful. Just listen to interviews with ex-porn stars and porn addicts and the destruction is clear. […]

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