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What To Do When You Feel Like Quitting: The Solution

In our last post, we went into detail about the five most common ways people quit on themselves and their journey of financial freedom. In this post, we want to offer the solution.

Here are six exercises that we do personally anytime we feel like giving up on something that matters in our lives. Going through these exercises really helps get our hearts engaged again. (Hint: You + Journal + Quiet Place = Best Results)

6 Ways We Process Through The Desire To Quit

1. Identify the Why: Why do you feel like quitting? It’s obviously from stress, but what exactly is causing it? If nothing else, it’s helpful to understand why you feel the way you do.

2. Pros & Cons: This may sound simple (I’m reminded of an episode of The Office where Michael lists out the pros and cons of dating Jan), but it is a powerful exercise. Specifically, list out 30 reasons why it would be beneficial for you to keep going, and 30 reasons why it would be detrimental if you quit. Share the list with your spouse.

3. Set Goals: You may realize that the stress you feel is from unrealistic expectations. For months Beth & I prayed that we would be out of debt by a certain date, only to experience great frustration when that date came and went and we were still in debt in the high five figures. Identifying your unrealistic expectations and adjusting your goals accordingly will relieve some of the pressure you’ve put on yourself and give you a renewed outlook on your situation.

4. “I Want” List: Make a list of all the things you will do or buy once you are out of debt. Nothing is off limits, and it doesn’t have to be realistic or spiritual. It simply has to be emotional – the goal isn’t to impress God or others, it simply has to get your heart back in the game. The process of creating this list helps you more emotionally than it does to simply review it, so feel free to redo this exercise when you feel tempted to quit pursuing financial freedom.

5. Celebrate Each Victory: One thing Beth & I did that really helped was to create numerous “finish lines.” We didn’t wait until we were 100% debt free to reward ourselves. As an example, if you’re trying to save up $1000 emergency fund, once you do, take your spouse out to a nice date night to celebrate. We recommend making these “memories,” so instead of blowing $30 bucks on a steak, spend the money on an event that you will remember, such as a concert or event – something you can take a picture of. It may help to attach a reward to each one of your debts (Example: When we pay off the student loan, we’re spending a weekend at the beach). Just pay for the rewards with cash and know that the more you spend on a reward, the longer it will take ultimately to pay off your debt, so don’t go crazy.

6. Prayer: The sixth and final point is prayer. This should really be the starting point, not the ending point. Personally, I get motivated by writing out goals and dreaming. But for Beth, she’ll get a cup of coffee and her journal and sit out on the porch for an hour, quietly processing through her emotions and writing out prayers to God. One thing we have made a habit of doing is praying together before going to bed. Some nights it’s a simple “thank you for today” prayer and other nights it is deeper intercession where we lift up the needs of our friends and family and certainly our own needs.

Praying together can have a profound effect on a marriage, because in a very real way you’re inviting God to invade your marriage with his goodness. Psalm 118 says “give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.” It’s a simple verse, but it bears reflection. He is good. He is not out to get you. He is for you and he wants you to live in freedom and walk in the purpose for which he created you. You’ll never hear me say that God wants you to drive a Porsche, but you have to know in your heart that he designed you to be free in every area of your life.

Committed to your success,


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Our Journey of Financial Freedom – Part 2

Hold Onto The “Somehow”

(Continued from Part One)

Despite our circumstances, somehow we still had vision (you may say it was tunnel vision, because all we were focused on was the light at the end of the tunnel). We knew God’s promise that “those who seek the Lord lack no good thing” (Psalm 34). My wife and I would seek the Lord together, and we knew that somehow we were going to find a way out of the hole we had dug ourselves into.

In an act mixed with faith and a little desperation, I called up one of the managers whom I had worked for as an adjuster, just to see if there was any work, anywhere. To my surprise we were given an opportunity….but there was a catch. This “opportunity” involved relocating to another state.

The decision was easy. It was either, “move and work,” or, “stay and drown.” We moved. With only a few hundred dollars (thanks to a gift from our friends!), we packed up and hit the road. Just like in Houston, we actually went further into debt the first two months as it took a while for the paychecks to start coming in. But we had been given a great opportunity, and  Beth and I worked our tails off, harder than we’ve ever worked in our lives.

“We’re Debt Free!”

After 18 months of 60-70 hour work weeks, we finished paying off our debt. At its highest, we over $119,000 in consumer debt. This included $44,638 on five credit cards, $30,243 on a home equity loan, $37,242 in school loans, and $7,000 on a car loan.There were many times we wanted to quit and move back home, but in our hearts we had a vision of what our life could be without debt, and we reminded each other daily of that vision.

Our journey isn’t simply one of working hard and paying off debt. We had to let go of the mindsets that kept us in debt. We had to sever the spending habits that kept us broke. We had to learn to have financial margin in our lives.

It’s now March, 2011, and in just a few months, we’re having our first child. I’m thankful that Beth and I were able to close the chapter of debt in our lives before writing our chapter on family.

Our goal in writing this is to inspire you to go for it. To help you see that that debt is imprisoning your purpose, but that freedom is possible. Your purpose is worth it. Your marriage is worth it. Your future is worth it. If we can do it with six figures of debt surely you can as well.

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