Smart Goals: Why Most People Fail To Reach Their Potential

One of my biggest passions in my life is helping people reach their potential. I love helping people “get a vision” and see what they can become. Because of that, it drives me insane to see people wasting their life.

You can tell just by looking at a crowd of people who has vision. It shows in how they dress, how they carry themselves, and in a large part by how they treat others.

When you understand that you have value, you treat people as valuable. You give more than you take. Have you ever seen someone with a high self-esteem involved in an abusive relationship? I haven’t.

You can also tell who doesn’t have vision or understand purpose. And sadly, this is the majority.

Why the Majority is Mediocre

The first ingredient for success is knowing your purpose. But you can know your purpose and still waste your life. So what does it take to actually fulfill your purpose? Clear goals and daily action.

Who out there hasn’t made a vague wish on New Year’s Eve? Too often, we confuse goals with desires, wishes, and dreams. Goal setting is a skill that you have to develop. But because most people don’t have this skill, they fail to reach the goals they do set. One solution is to just quit setting goals – why put yourself through the frustration if you’re just going to fail? And this is exactly why so many people settle for completely mediocre lives!

The Better Solution: SMART Goals

Are you tired of setting the same goals year after year but failing to reach them? Are you frustrated by your lack of success when you know in the core of your being that you can accomplish so much more? Are you baffled by seeing people with less talent and gifting than you accomplish far more than you? Do you want financial freedom? Do you want your life to matter?

If your answer is not an emphatic “YES!” then you’re in the wrong place.

Over the next two weeks we’re going to swim deep in goal-soup. I’m going to teach you exactly how to set goals, what the difference is between goals and desires, and how to track your progress. Goal setting is a skill that can be learned. And if you want to reach your potential it must become habitual.

We’re going to dedicate one post to each of the five criteria that define a SMART goal:

  • Specific: You can’t hit a fuzzy target
  • Measurable: You can’t master what you can’t measure
  • Attainable: It doesn’t need to be easy, but it has to be possible
  • Relevant: Is this goal married to your purpose right now?
  • Time-Bound: No deadline = No urgency

Apply these five criteria to your goals and combine it with daily action, and I promise that you will see tremendous progress toward reaching your desires. So few people actually do this that this alone will set you apart from 90% of the population. You want to make something out of your life? Track with us for the next two weeks and you will develop the number one skill needed for success.

Committed to your success,


Let’s have some fun in the comments! Add a note about one New Year’s Resolution you made in the past that completely did not meet the SMART goals criteria.


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  1. Whitney Says:

    My goal this year is to write down my goals and really stick to it. I often say them out loud, but I want something measurable. I want to write it down and then check off what I was able to accomplish. I’m thinking daily goals for me because I get so distracted!



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