Our Core Values

They say that core values are not as much created as they are discovered. After days of intense searching and constantly asking ourselves “why do we do what we do?” we discovered our true core values. We hope these five simple truths shine through everything we do. If any part of your experience with us does not resonate our values in any way please let us know.

1. Transformation: We exist to see lives changed. Profit is pointless if we’re not making a real difference in people’s lives both financially and relationally.

2. Vision: We believe the greatest gift you can give someone is vision. Nothing brings more power to your present than a clear picture of your future. We love helping people dream! We employ individuals who have possibility thinking. We are always looking towards the future and pushing the boundaries of our potential. It’s cliché, but true: life really is too short to dream small.

3. Service: We are the Ritz Carlton of personal finance. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing with excellence. Everything we do is First Class.

4. Giving: We love giving. As one of our heroes has said, “One life to live; one life to give.” Twenty five percent of our profit goes towards helping needy children and families. We believe that money will always be your master until you learn how to give it away.

5. Caring: We know the pain of being buried in debt and feeling like you’re never going to be free. We can relate with the husband and wife who are stressed and struggling and can’t see the finish line. So we pray daily for our staff and for our customers. As the DTL Family grows, our desire is to hire people who truly exhibit care for others. We hope this is felt in everything we do.