If You’re Not Failing, You’re Probably A Failure

If You’re Not Failing, You’re Probably A Failure

When Peter stepped out of the boat and started walking towards Jesus, the bible says that he saw the wind and the waves, became afraid, and started to sink.

I’ll have to admit, if that were me, my first response probably would have been, “I’m such a failure. How embarrassing. I should have never gotten out of the boat!”

Yet how quick we forget that Peter is the only person besides Jesus to have ever walked on water. He wasn’t afraid to risk. He wasn’t afraid to step out!

Peter’s other noteworthy failure was when he denied Christ on the night that he was crucified. Yet let me ask…where were all the other disciples? They were long gone! Only Peter had the courage to follow Jesus as they took him away.

I’m sure Jesus was disappointed in Peter’s denial, but I secretly believe that there was a sense of pride in Jesus’ eyes when he looked at Peter. “I know you denied me Peter, but I see the man in you who you are meant to be. You are a rock, Peter. When everyone else deserted me you continued to follow me here.”

Too often we use failure as a way to measure our worth. We see the “successful ones” and we want to throw in the towel because we obviously can’t be like them.

But what if we viewed failure not as an enemy, or a reason we shouldn’t try, but instead, we viewed it as a measure of our courage.

Do you see failure as a negative thing, as a judgment of your self-worth? Or do you spin it in a positive way as a sign that you’re stepping out of the boat? 


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