How Healthy Are Your Finances?


I want to share an amazing tool created by our friends over at CNN Money. 

It’s a simple questionnaire which takes less than 3 minutes to complete. When finished, you receive a “grade” on your financial health.

Here’s a little self-disclosure. I got a C+. We’ve been so focused on paying off debt and building up savings that we’ve neglected investing and retirement. A couple of easy changes and I can get that up to a B. To get an A, I’m going to need to get very aggressive with saving for retirement.

I encourage you to spend 10 minutes on this. Go through the process with honest answers to see what you get. Then do it again, but change the answers so that you can see what you need to be doing to get a better grade.

On our morning walk today, I was telling Beth the old adage that young people trade their health for wealth while older people trade their wealth for health. I feel the temptation to neglect my health in order to devote more time to work. And at almost 37 years old, I know I’m not a young buck any more and have the desire to put more time into maintaining my health. It’s a challenge to maintain balance between the two. But thankfully, this simple tool helps provide clarity as to what I need to do to maintain financial health.

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Comments: Let’s be honest – what was your grade? What do you need to do to improve it?


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