Holding Onto Hope

Holding Onto Hope

Reading through some old journals recently, I ran across this gem…let me share.

It was from way back in May, 2009. My wife and I were sinking in over $110,000 in debt. We were actually on a mission trip in India at the time.

There I was…doing what I love and feeling like I’m walking in my purpose. But I was painfully fully aware that we were years away from ever being free to do this on a frequent basis because of numerous poor financial decisions we made in our early years of marriage.

Holding Onto Hope

I had written Psalm 18:16 out in my journal, and next to it I wrote “Promise from God that we will get out of debt.”

Holding Onto Hope

Even though this verse was written thousands of years ago, Beth and I claimed it as a promise from God that we could hold onto. It was a life-jacket that kept us from drowning when we felt like we were going under (I guess hope does float).

We always knew we’d be debt-free. Yet there were so many discouraging months where we were just living paycheck to paycheck, making literally zero progress. We just kept praying, believing, working diligently, and supporting each other. We were resolved to do whatever it took. We yearned for freedom.

Practically, we worked our tails off, continued to budget monthly, and created a financially plan to help us get free.

But as great as budgets are for financial freedom, some months it can be an exercise in frustration when there’s more month than money. It was in those times where holding onto hope was the only thing that carried us through.

Do you have a promise for freedom?

So if this is where you’re at, then I encourage you to take this verse (or any verse that breathes hope into your situation), and hold onto it as a personal promise from God that you (yes, YOU!) will be free! Even now he is reaching down and taking hold of you! And he will draw you out!

I’ve found it incredibly powerful to pray scripture. For example…

“Father, I thank you that you see exactly where I’m at right now…and you’re acting on my behalf for my freedom! Even now you’re reaching down and scooping me up. You are drawing me out of the deep waters of debt!”

Stay hopeful, it’s going to happen!


Comments: Do you have any other verses that you’re holding onto as promises from God? Please share!

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