Don’t Be Fooled By Credit Card Marketing

Thanks...but, uhm...No Thanks!!

Thanks…but, uhm…No Thanks!!


I just received this offer in the mail for a new credit card. It’s advertising airline miles, discounts, etc. Sounds attractive right?

Never forget what they are selling you….DEBT.

Credit card companies spend MILLIONS on advertising. They know how to attract customers. With open arms we walk right through the prison door they are holding wide open for us. It’s a trap, don’t be fooled. All the airline points in the world aren’t worth going into debt for. You’re crazy if you think they’re offering you freebies or that you can “work” the system.

Do it God’s way, stay debt free, his system always trumps trying to beat their system.


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  1. Cassi Says:

    Haha, cute article and picture! Debt is not the answer.


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