9 Creative Ways to Save Money

When you’re serious about becoming debt free, it changes your everyday spending habits. You have to go from your normal tendencies of buying on impulse to saying “no” time and time again when it comes to purchases. Without a change, you will never be debt free. But a little self-discipline can go a long way in your desire to dump the debt.

In the long run, you will be more than happy that you said ‘no’ to the many purchases that you otherwise would have indulged in, but in the moment it seems so difficult to do. I don’t think it has to be difficult. It’s a matter of changing your habits, your way of thinking and creating ways of saving money while still getting what you want.

As we have talked about in our “Creating a Bulletproof Budget Series”, we each get a personal budget that we can spend however we want to. Let’s just say this has saved many conflicts in our marriage.

The funny thing is, in the beginning of following a budget, I was the one to save all my personal money for months and Wesley would spend his the same day he got it. That has somehow changed over the course of several years and Wesley has now become quite a saver and I’m also saving more than I’m spending. This shows me that there can easily be a change in your habits. You just have to retrain your mind and actions and it becomes second nature.

Here are 9 creative ways of saving money while trying to be debt free.

1) One of our subscribers made a comment that she shops at thrift stores and has really found some great deals on high end brand name shoes. I would highly recommend this as a viable option. There are some really nice thrift stores out there where you can find some great deals!

2) Shops such as Marshalls and TJ Maxx are great options as well to get some well made clothes and accessories at a great price.

3) One rule that I put into play that has helped me dramatically is if an item is over $25, I have a 24 hour rule that I have to think about that potential purchase to make sure I actually want it. I have found that 9 times out of 10 I end up not buying that item as I talked myself out of it in that 24 hour period. This has been a huge tool that has helped me in purchasing habits.

4) Another rule I give myself is that I only buy something if I love it. If I’m on the fence about it, or it would be nice to have, I do not buy it! I only buy it if I truly love it and if I know I’ll regret it later if I don’t buy it. I’m pretty picky, so this might not relate to all those people out there that love everything they put their hands on. But it has helped me say no to a ton of purchases.

5) When it comes to groceries…a great way I’ve saved money is to look in the fridge and freezer and decide what to make for dinner that week based on what we already have in the house. Now, this has made for some interesting dinners, but it was nice to feel like I was using what we already had instead of constantly buying more food. Even if I had to buy a few items to make a full meal, I didn’t feel wasteful by filling up the fridge even though there were options already available.

6) This one is not new, but when you find a really good deal on something you eat at the grocery store, then by all means, stock up! My husband has helped teach me this principle. I came home with 12 jars of Emeril’s speghetti sauce once because it was on clearance for $1. My husband’s response to this….”why didn’t you get more?” Good question, I should have bought them out! Stock up when things are really on sale, not just when you save $.20, but when you’re saving dollars it becomes worth it.

7) At home, close the vents to rooms you don’t use much so that you don’t have to pay for utilities that aren’t getting used.

8) Consider cancelling cable and joining Netflix. Cable can easily cost you $35-50 a month. Netflix costs $8 a month. You really have to be open minded to consider this, but not having cable really isn’t that bad. It’s actually really nice and promotes more family time NOT in front of the TV.

9) If you have a cell phone, consider cancelling your home phone. This would easily save you $20 a month, and most people don’t use a home phone when they have personal cell phones.

Well there are 9 things to consider that could help you save a bit of money on your expenses and make this debt free journey even more enjoyable!!

Please comment with any ways you have found to also save money! We respond to 100% of our comments!

Committed to Your Success,

– Beth


2 Responses to “9 Creative Ways to Save Money”

  1. Beth Sutton Says:

    I never thought I would say this, but I’m learning how to save money with coupons. I know it’s sort of a fad right now with TV shows and everything, but I set about to do it to see if I could save some money for our family (this is my first year being a stay-at-home-mom and money has been tight). There has been a learning curve, but I’m learning how to watch for deals and use coupons on top of them and I’m saving A LOT of money on products that we usually would buy full price whenever we run out. Now, I’m buying them before we run out, buying more than one when they are on sale, and using coupons. I’ve been doing it for a couple months and am realizing that it is and will be a big money saver if I do it wisely.

    Another saver is to start using online coupon sites like groupon.com and restaurant.com to save money on all sorts of items. The key is that you still have to use your other rules… like rules #3 and #4. Don’t just buy things on a whim because they are on sale. BUT if you just need to get out to eat and you can get a coupon to save you money on that meal it’s a great way to go!


  2. Wes & Beth Says:

    That is so true Beth! The challenge we have had with coupons is that it’s hard to find them on healthier products. But if you can use them so can really add up in savings over the long haul! The trick with Groupon and the daily deal sites is to make sure to use them. Retailers love me (Wesley) because I’ll buy a deal then forget to use it. Like the $20 indoor surfing experience here in Orlando. I learned my lesson. :)


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