5 Quick & Easy Ways to Change Your Life

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Change Your Life

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In less than five minutes I’m going to give you 5 quick and easy ways to change your life. Do any one of these 5 things and I guarantee you’ll see your life improve fast. Let’s get started. But first, let’s enjoy these 5 dolphins. Nice. 

1. On a 3×5 card, write down one goal for each of these three areas: Relational, Physical, and Financial. That’s it, only three goals, no more (if you want to go deeper on goals, read this post on smart goals). Here’s some examples to get you started:

  • Relational: Have a date night with my spouse every Thursday night.
  • Physical: Jog 30 minutes three times a week.
  • Financial: Set a budget for this month.

Keep that card with you at all times.

(Estimated time: 5 minutes, 4 of which are spent trying to find a 3×5 card)

2. Every morning, rewrite your goals on a new 3×5 card. Most people fail to reach their goals, but it’s not because they don’t set them, it’s because they forget them.

(Estimated time: 1 minute)

3. Read a chapter in the book of Proverbs every day. It’s called the Book of Wisdom for a reason. If we all lived by principles in this one simple book we’d quickly eradicate debt, adultery, corruption, gossip, and a host of other crap. And with 31 chapters it’s like God designed it to be read daily. Hmm…

(Estimated time: 5 minutes)

4. Plan what TV shows you will watch each week. Oh the hours we’ve wasted in front of that stupid box. I was going to say don’t watch it at all but that would be hypocritical as Beth & I look forward to episodes of The Office and Shark Tank. But instead of mindlessly wasting time, all I’m saying is be intentional about it, so at least you know how much time you’re actually wasting.

(Estimated time: 2 minutes to decide your top 2-3 shows you’re going to watch. Estimated time saved: 8-10 hours a week)

5. Be Your Best Friend. Every time you catch yourself going negative (about anything, but especially about yourself), find something to be thankful for. So often we’re our worst critics. God calls us magnificent and we call ourselves worthless…that must break his heart. If you could only see how incredible you are. Yes YOU! Overweight, broke, insecure little you…you are a masterpiece….it’s time to start treating yourself as one.

(Estimated time: 30 seconds to make the decision to be your best friend…a lifetime of implementing)

There you go folks. A little shot of personal development espresso to get your week started off right.


In the comments, I’d love to hear ONE quick and easy thing you’ve done in your own life that has had a huge payoff for you!

2 Responses to “5 Quick & Easy Ways to Change Your Life”

  1. Cassi Says:

    I can honestly say that these really do work. I personally have a notebook where I would write my goals everyday. I really should start doing it again, but I feel like at the moment I can make goals without having to write them down.

    Also, being your own best friend is easier than it sounds, but it is so rewarding!


    • Wesley Says:

      Thanks Cassi! I love the idea of writing down your goals everyday!


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