3 Ways a Budget Eliminates Stress & Creates Freedom in your Marriage (Part Two)

#2 – A Budget Eliminates the Fear of the Unknown

Fear of the unknown. It’s the reason we love scary movies and hate doctor’s visits. Here’s a few words from Beth on how the fear of the unknown has recently affected our lives:

When we first found out that I was pregnant, we were overwhelmed with joy! Due to the risk of miscarriage being highest early on, fears and stress quickly started to sneak in due to the unknown. Do we have a healthy baby? Am I doing everything right to ensure the baby’s health? Are we going to miscarry? These unanswered questions created stress until we could go to a doctor and find out that all was well. When we did go to the doctor around 8 weeks, we found out the good news that the baby was perfectly healthy. Immediately the unknown facts were known….and the stress melted away. It’s amazing what information can do in regards to bringing you peace of mind.

Similar to my wife’s story, people often deal with the fear of the unknown on a daily basis. Whether it’s a health problem, job related issue, or even something minor like a strange noise in your car’s engine, we deal with unneeded stress because we’re afraid to take the steps needed to escape the unknown. So we just ignore the issue and hope it goes away.

Wake Up Call

How many stories have you heard of people who refuse to lose weight or even go the doctor until there is a major emergency? If you’ve seen the CNBC show “Till Debt Do Us Part,” you’re probably just as amazed as I am at how so many of the couples have literally no idea that they’re spending two to three times their income each month. As sobering as this wake-up call can be to the couples on the show, it inevitably brings peace, because, often for the first time, they know exactly where they are.

This is a simple but powerful truth: You will never know how to get to your destination until you know where you are starting from.

Fear Factor

If you and your spouse have never created a budget or communicated openly (and more importantly, honestly) about your finances, it can be a little scary. You may have to own up to making some mistakes. But you tell me which is better: One difficult conversation that has the power to lead to healing and intimacy, or continuing to live in fear and deception?

So many marital issues could be solved through open and honest communication. I’m astounded by the stories I hear of how a husband is hiding debt from his wife, or a wife who lobbies for separate bank accounts so she can shop without accountability, or probably the most common, the guy who drives home with a new car without consulting his wife.

A budget is a very simple thing. It’s just a sheet of paper that details how much money you have coming in this month, and how much money you have going out (specifically where it is going out), this month. Yet despite the simplicity (it really doesn’t have to be complicated), only 40% of Americans have a monthly budget.

The issue isn’t ignorance, or the difficulty of creating a budget. The issue is primarily fear. People ignore the problems because they don’t have the courage to face the issues in their life when it comes to spending. The tragedy in this is that ignorance is not bliss. On the contrary, ignorance is seriously stressful. And stress creates all kinds of issues: anxiety, fear, depression, sleeplessness, etc.

If you’re facing financial stress, the best first step you and your spouse can take together is to set aside an evening together, push past the fear, and create a budget. Without this indispensible first step, you’re desire to become debt free is little more than a daydream.

However, with a budget, you will be armed with a peace of mind in knowing your financial status. You will silence the fear of the unknown. You will be able to track your spending and know where your money is going. You will be able to chart your financial future, and can set a “We’re Free” date. And then the real fun begins in trying do everything possible to make that date sooner than later!

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Leave us a comment below (we respond to every comment)! What emotions confront you when trying to create a budget?

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